Thursday, April 14, 2011

Young Explorers Fund

The Young Explorers Fund is initiated by Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) dedicated to the advancement of travel and exploration among youth (both Nepalese and from abroad) who wish to explore Nepal. It aims to ignite and support the innate sprit for exploration and travel that youth possess while facilitating tourism based research and documentation.

Eligibility:   Youth (16-29)
                   Explore less traveled areas
                   Contribute to personal development
                   Have a clear purpose
                   At least 10 days of travel
Themes:     Tourism and Mountain Sustainability
Tourism and Culture
Tourism as Economic development
Tourism as Peace

Screening Criteria:
Remoteness of the place
Clarity of purpose
Drive to travel
Ability to produce outcomes

Expected Outcomes:
                   A travel blog
                   At least 10 photos relating to the theme
                   A writing of at least 2000 words
Grant Amount: 
up to Nrs 20000/-

Please email the completed form back the:
Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) || P.O Box: 24953 || Baneshwor,Kathmandu,Nepal ||

By May 15th, 2011

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