Friday, April 15, 2011

South Asian Youth Conference, 23-28 May 2011, Banglore

South Asian Youth Conference2011 is the first in this series of conference going to be held in Bangalore, India from May 23rd to 28th 2011. There is no participation fee to be a part of this great event. It will set the direction for all forthcoming conferences and discussions by youth in the region. This conference is a step forward in the government’s initiative to fostering better relations within SAARC. This conference emerged out of discussions of the South Asian Regional Meeting of the 5th World Youth Congress, Istanbul, Turkey in August 2010.

Working of the following conferences will be the area of Focus:

·         UNESCO Biennial Youth Forum [Theme: Channelling young people’s voices into UNESCO’s work]
·         UN Intl. Year of Youth,  Conference on Youth – Summer 2011; [Theme: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding]
·         Rio 20 – UN 20th Anniversary Summit for Sustainable Development [Theme: Green Economy & Intl. Environmental Governance]
·         6th World Youth Congress on Youth & Sustainable Development (WYC-6) [Theme: Getting youth to the heart of development]

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