Evolution of Realising CHANGE

Realising CHANGE: Change is possible when it starts as a passion

Sustainability is a multidisciplinary issue which needs be dealt considering various components of ecological system, society, prevailing cultures, emerging technologies, changing social dimensions, human behaviours whilst addressing new environmental problems like climate change, biodiversity crisis, peak oil among others which will unexpectedly start threatening the human and ecosystem survival in coming days. If this problem is to be solved the best way is we prepare sustainable leadership to handle this problem for different time scales and engage various social groups in problem solving process.

Realising this truth and with the aim of becoming an active social change maker I started my profession in this sector in 1998 and since then I am actively advocating this issue at various levels. I am a sustainability dreamer who aims to realise his dreams through every possible means. My recent blog Realising change (http://realisingchange.blogspot.com/) gives practical answers to many of the questions about my approach and goal.

Realising CHANGE is a ‘mission’ that aims to inform youth about change interventions, views, and relevant environmental topics; a ‘platform’ that that offers youth professional tips and updates on contemporary issues; a ‘vision’ that aims to inspire early career professionals and environmentalists to share about things they know, raise their concerns, and put their knowledge in public domain; a ‘good practice’ that shows how combination of   blog, a Google group (mass mailing system) and a Facebook account (social network) can help form group of like minded people and keep them connected; and a ‘progress’ that is made at individual level through rigorous work started with establishment of the Environment Professionals’ Group: Water, Climate Change and Biodiversity Information Network (http://groups.google.com/group/environment-professionals) in 2005 as the first network of its type in Nepal, progressed through formation of ClimateHimalaya Initiative in 2007 (http://www.climatehimalaya.org.np/), that raised Himalaya regional awareness on climate change impacts and options to a noticeable level, and now enjoys active membership of 500 organisations and individuals from 30 countries.