Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Online Mentored KM Practitioner Certification Course - 12th Class Starts On 4 September 2017

CCLFI is opening registration for the 12th class of its online mentored Knowledge Management Practitioner Certification Course. The class will begin on September 4, 2017. The advantages of this course:

  • High recommendations and evaluations from KM professionals from all over the world, mandated introduction course on KM by a few development organizations- Read their reactions here-; 
  • Relevance to students work as the lessons can be applied to real work situations and structures;
  • Highly interactive with other students and reflections on what works, why and how (or not) based on actual cases
  • KM viewed from different ankles including innovation, learning, quality management, productivity
  • Two experienced mentors with two decades  each of knowledge management experience will guide the learning process- read their profile-;
  • It does not disrupt participants work or travel schedules as it does not require you to be online at specific dates and times -optional scheduled webinars-to reflect on lessons
  • Participants practice cases and assignment in their workplace, thereby enhancing work performance and generating benefits for their work in and for organizations 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

200 years of Britain-Nepal bilateral relations

200 years of Britain-Nepal bilateral relations:

NEPAL, the oldest country in South Asia celebrates 200 years of special relationship with Britain. Interestingly, Nepal-Britain linkup (1816 AD) is at least 90 years older than any other countries in South Asia today.

Below is the list of other countries in South Asia and the date they were organised as a country (as we see today):

  1. Bhutan - 1907, governed in present form. History dates back to 17th century
  2. Afghanistan - 1919, recognised year (formed around 1709)
  3. India - 1947, formed after dissolution of East India Company
  4. Pakistan - 1947, formed after dissolution of East India Company
  5. Sri lanka - 1948, Independence from Britain
  6. Maldives, 1965, Independence from Britain
  7. Bangladesh - 1971, constituted as a new country (separated from Pakistan)

Online mentored Knowledge Management Practitioner Certification Course

Dear Friends,

Please find below an announcement from CCLFI - Online mentored Knowledge Management Practitioner Certification Course. CCLFI is a Manila based non-profit organization that specializes in organizational learning and change, and knowledge management (KM). Team of CCLFI are long associated with use of KM tools are approaches to address environmental issues, climate change being the latest trend and their clients include big names such as ADB among others. More about them at http://www.cclfi.org/about_us/.

Feel free to contact their R&D Director Dr. Serafin Talisayon (serafin.talisayon@cclfi.org) for further information. Course outline is available at http://www.cclfi.org/KMPCC/

Managing knowledge, individual or organizational, is a critical capability to stay abreast of sector- and thematic developments, to improve formal and informal learning and building structures and processes for collaboration, drive innovation, quality, and value creation. The organization',a community, an individual capability to transform its tacit and explicit knowledge into new knowledge is a comparative advantage as organizations learn and innovate faster trhough resue of exisiting knowledge, improved delivery of quality knowledge products and services, improve organizational exposure, and staff's capability to absorb, find, and make sense of the available information. 

CCLFI starts its 11th batch of its successul knowledge management course on May 8 and registration is open. The course duration is 5 months divided in 10 weekly lessons and another 8 week practicum. Input is about 3 study and assignment hours a week. The advantge of this course is its highly social interaction among the students and with the tutors to accomodate local or specific organizational settings. The students also engage in further fine tuning of course materials to reflect new developments and references and discussions on business cases what worked (or not), how and why. 

The course brochure with details of the course is attached. Early bird fee, organizational discount is applicable. Further information and registration form can be downloaded from the website: Course details

The website also lists posiitve feedback observations from graduates from Asia, Africa, South America that followed the course:Feedback from graduates

Please connect if you have any questions on this course. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Registration for Vienna Energy Forum 2017 now open!





Mark your calendars and join us at Vienna Energy Forum 2017 in Vienna, Austria on 9 - 12 May 2017 , to engage in a dynamic and critical debate that will shape the future energy landscape.


Register now


With the theme "Sustainable energy for the implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement", VEF 2017 will highlight the multiplier effects of integrated approaches for sustainable development at the national, regional and global levels. The Forum will also accentuate the potentials of the sustainable energy NEXUS - linking energy to water, food and health - as well as INNOVATION as a global driver for accelerated sustainable growth. The Forum will continue to be the global high level platform for discussing the pivotal sustainability challenges of our age, and the catalytic role of energy in achieving inclusive and sustainable development.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Vienna  Energy  Forum


For more information, please contact us at vef2017@unido.org or visit https://viennaenergyforum.org.




VEF 2017 Secretariat
Department of Energy
United Nations Industrial Development Organization




Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Norwegian University of Life Sciences has an opening for a fully funded PhD fellowship

Norwegian University of Life Sciences has an opening for a fully funded PhD fellowship in 'Norms and knowledge in global environmental politics': https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/134489/phd-fellowship-in-international-environment-and-development-studies-norms-and-knowledge-in-global-environmental-politics-ref-no-17-01090


Please feel free to share this call  with interested candidates.


Many thanks and best regards,




Dr. Katharina Glaab

Associate Professor, Global Change and International Relations

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU

PO. Box 5003, NO-1432 ├ůs, Norway