Thursday, April 28, 2011

ClimateHimalaya International

Established on 5 June 2007, the ClimateHimalaya International is a network of environmental change professionals in the Himalayan region. Operating as an independent, informal and informative (3Is) not for profit organisation it aims to increase public awareness on various issues pertaining to global change at global level and its impacts in the Himalayan and downstream countries and efforts made at local, national and regional level to tackle the climate chaos and associated environmental changes, particular in the region and at the global scale in general.

It is a unique institution that provides individuals and groups from across the world with the opportunity to share and learn on numerous levels about subjects relating to environmental and social sustainability thus making this platform a rich repository. Moreover, it brings together a partnership of individuals, and institutions with a commitment for development action thus ensuring the synergies to secure a better future for the people and environment.

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