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Appreciative leadership training in Copenhagen, Denmark

Appreciative leadership

24-28 May 2011, & 8-12 November 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

Today's leaders are to an increasing extent asked to be visionary and to act within rapidly changing environments. They are asked to inspire, motivate and empower others to work for their visions and to engage in learning and change processes. At the same time they have to produce concrete results in the benefit of the organisation. Strong leadership skills are these days not only desired for the so-called leaders, but for all those who carry out different leadership tasks.

The course aims at those who on a regular basis are put in leadership positions, being it in coaching, projects, teams or the overall management.

Appreciative leadership is a long-term leadership approach that takes the human factor of organisational reality serious and works with the employees good reasons for belonging to the organisation (such as feelings of involvement, active participation, development and learning, making a difference and belonging in a pleasant atmosphere). It is based on assumptions taken from systemic and social constructionist theory. First of all leadership is a relationship and that we cannot change others, but only our selves and through this invite others to change as well. Secondly, that there are many perceptions of reality depending on your perspective on it. Appreciating the logic of each person’s understanding and focusing on their resources increases the chances that they want to follow the leadership and thus change. Thirdly, words create worlds, and what we focus on becomes reality. Furthermore, if we focus on what works well, we get energy and motivation to deal with difficulties along the way.

The course will give you…
A theoretical understanding of appreciative leadership and its social constructionist basis
A chance to practice appreciative human resource development tools (e.g. coaching, development talks etc.)
A chance to practice appreciative difficult talks (e.g. around conflicts, lack of performance etc.)
Tools to lead appreciative meetings and workshops – and follow up upon them (e.g. focusing on job-satisfaction, working climate and growth)
An understanding of how to apply the techniques in different situations and to different target groups – individuals, teams and groups.

More personally you will gain…
A chance to clarify your visions as a leader based on the assumption that the more you know about where you want to get, the easier it is to find the roads leading there
A chance to clarify dilemmas in your leadership and challenge assumptions that work as obstacles on the road
Support in exploring your resources and past achievements and how to use these to move towards your goals

The consultant that will be running this course is Yvor Broer or Lene Mogensen. Depending on the group size a second consultant will be attracted. In case the group exceeds the size of 12, Ralph Weickel from CPC (US), will be joining the team.

The full call for the course, including a day-to-day programme, can be downloaded here. If you would like to apply for this course, find all information and forms on the registration page. There is a maximum of 20 places for this course and the course fee is 900 including VAT.

If you have any further questions regarding this course, feel free to contact us!

Comenius and Grundtvig course references:
Course number: NL-2011-245-002
Session numbers: 12861 (autumn course), 40098 (spring 2012 course)


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