Wednesday, April 27, 2011

E-Learning course on 'Legal Preparedness for Climate Change'

The course will be conducted online for four weeks and would be highly beneficial for climate change, natural resources and energy, finance and environment specialists from developing countries, countries in economic transition and countries emerging from armed conflict working in the field of supervision and execution of development projects; lawyers and legal advisors who assist in the area of climate change, natural resources and energy, finance and environmental policy; Ministry and local government level climate change officers; Finance Officials from the Ministry of Finance and officials from National Authorities or UNFCCC National Contact Points.

Kindly find attached a course description for further information. Registration for the course is online using the following  Applications to attend the course should be supported by the candidate's curriculum vitae. Please note that we have extended the payment deadline of the course fee (Euro 350.00) to 2 May, 2011. The course is self-sustaining and the fee cannot be waived.  Currently, IDLO does not have scholarships or sponsorships to offer.

Ms. Joanne Fletcher is at your disposal for any further information you may require:

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john said...

No doubt that there are changes in the climate all over the world. But, question is, didn't this sort of "Climate change" happen hundreds of thousands of years ago? considering that the planet was also covered with tons of pollution back then (some say). There are a lot of confusion with this things and I think that this e learning Training Courses about climate will help educate people about what's happening with our planet and what we can do to help out....