Friday, April 15, 2011

10th Young Leadership Conference, 1-6 July 2011, Karachi

YLC 2011 is the 10th one since its inception in 2002. Over 2700 participants from 50 cities and villages and 12 countries have experienced YLC so far.

YLC participants get their certificates only after they implement their learning through 'Make a Difference' projects after the conference. So far, 2700 YLC alumni have reached out to over 3 Million individuals in their communities.

Every year, thousands of aspiring young leaders from across Pakistan and abroad apply to be part of YLC. Our team actively guides those looking for funds to raise sponsorships for themselves.

YLC 2011 Theme
As a nation we are blessed with profound guiding principles. these need to be understood, felt, owned and lived by everyone. Revolution provided by respect, begins with self. Eman (Faith), Ittehad (Unity) and Tanzeem (Discipline) guide us in bringing rapid change for improvement in all spheres of life.

·         Create awareness of the immense leadership potential within us and possibilities in our multi-disciplinary context
·         Inspire participants into visionary and responsible action that makes a difference

About YLC
YLC is a 6-days residential conference where youth from all over the country, interact and network with each other and leading personalities from the world of business, development, politics, academia and culture. Participants take part in plenary and syndicate sessions, and engage in activities and simulations that facilitate learning of essential leadership skills needed to excel in our challenging local and global environment.

Achievements (2002 onwards)
From 2002 to 2010, YLC has groomed youth to realize and apply their potential and explore and utilize infinite opportunities that surround them.

  1. 2,307 youth have attended 9 YLCs.
  2. From 101 countries and cities, towns and villages of Pakistan.
  3. 226 experts from the corporate, social, cultural and political/public sectors, of national and international repute, have coached and mentored YLC participants.
  4. 81 corporate, social and public sector organizations have been YLC’s ‘Partners in Progress’.
  5. On the average, each YLC graduate impacted lives of 100 more in the three months after attending YLC. Thus, your contribution has impacted over 2 million people; with thousands more thereafter.
  6. Because of this, a ‘revolution of love, respect and learning’ has spread across the country. Every major university of Pakistan and many others have started hosting annual youth conferences with hundreds in attendance. SoL’s young trainers’ team is invited to advise them on successful program delivery.
  7. Over 15 youth organizations have been established, by youth, which organize leadership training programs across Pakistan. Some of these are being funded by international donors for social uplift.
  8. This has led to the third generation of youth groups being established in yet more towns and cities of Paksitan.
  9. Hundreds of youth trainers have emerged who are now organizing and/or conducting leadership training programs on behalf of local and international organizations.
  10. Organizations hiring new recruits give preference to those who have attended YLC.
  11. SoL has over 45 youth Ambassadors who facilitate their communities to gain access to opportunities of self-development.
  12. Senior YLC graduates (from 2002 to 2004), who are now working with reputable private, social and public sector organizations, are sponsoring the newer generation of YLC participants.
  13. Through other year-round SoL youth leadership development programs, we have trained over 50,000 youth.

There is still much to do. With over 26 million youth, ages 15 to 25, in Pakistan, we must keep the momentum going; to expand, broaden and deepen this movement. For this, we are grateful to all of you for being with us.