Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Global Changemakers 2011 - Apply NOW!! (Deadline Sunday 17 April)

India will be hosting the first ever Global Changemakers Asia Youth Summit July 17-23. 60 young social entrepreneurs and community activists (54 from Asia and up to 6 from the UK) aged 18 to 24 will be chosen to attend. Read more on the web.

Who are Global Changemakers?

Global Changemakers are a select group of youth (aged 18 to 24 ) from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated a significant track record of achievement in their local communities through social entrepreneurship, community activism, and volunteer work. They are part of a global network where they share knowledge, ideas and best practices, and where they work individually and together on projects that directly impact the lives of those in their local communities.
Each year a select group of Changemakers is chosen to participate in high level political and economic events - to act as advocates and raise decision-makers’ awareness of key issues on the global agenda.

Currently, there are over 600 Changemakers from 98 countries with over 50,000 young people involved in their activities so far

If you believe that you are a 'changemaker' - a social entrepreneurs/community activists and/or a volunteers , that you posess 'good communication skills' and the 'star power' - Grab this opportunity.....Please apply NOW.

If you know anyone who may be interested (young people and the youth networks you are involved with or work with in Sri Lanka/Maldives), please spread the word among make them aware of a terrific opportunity.

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