Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Fellowship (SPF) 2011

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Fellowship (SPF) 2011

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation Fellowship (SPF) is a new program at the Pacific Forum that focuses on US-Japan relations and includes both resident and nonresident fellows. We are currently seeking applicants from Japan and the US for the summer 2011 resident program. Interested young professionals who have an MA, PhD, or equivalent work experience are encouraged to apply. Participants should anticipate attending 2-4 conferences in the Asia-Pacific region as Pacific Forum Young Leaders in the coming year.

In choosing SPF fellows, we give special consideration to those with a background in US-Japan relations, especially individuals from a variety of backgrounds, to expand the community of specialists thinking about and working on Japan-US relations, to broaden discussions, show how different issues and problems are interrelated, and draw on diverse perspectives and approaches to thinking about significant issues. The program will emphasize problem solving rather than mere analysis and assessment. If you’re interested in applying please go to http://csis.org/program/spf-fellowship and follow the application procedures.

Please go to the website http://csis.org/program/pacific-forum-csis to find out more information about the Pacific Forum CSIS and the SPF fellowship opportunity.

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