Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SANDEE calls for Research Concept notes: Economics of Natural Resource Use and Environmental Change

Call for Research Concept notes: Economics of Natural Resource Use and Environmental Change

Deadline May 30th, 2011

The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) is a regional network that provides research support to South Asian researchers and institutions interested in the inter-connection among development, natural resource use and the environment. SANDEE is currently inviting research pre-proposals on the Economics of Natural Resource Use and Environmental Change in South Asia. Concept notes, if accepted, will lead to an invitation to submit a full research proposal.

SANDEE requests research concept notes in the areas of natural resources and environmental economics. Research topics can cover a variety of issues, ranging from the economics of climate change (mitigation and adaptation) to pollution management; valuation of environmental services to ecotourism; and, coastal and urban management to fragile mountain concerns. Research on macro considerations such as trade and the environment, comprehensive wealth and income accounting and evaluation of economic and environmental policies will also be considered. While SANDEE's focus is on environmental management, proposals have to include a strong economics component.

Multi-disciplinary projects with a robust economic focus are encouraged. Institutional affiliation is required for receiving support. Concept notes will be evaluated on their academic merit and policy significance.

SANDEE will collect proposals throughout the year. However, to be considered for our next research competition, please send concept notes by May 30th, 2011. The average grant size in recent years has been 20,000 USD for one to two year projects. Larger grants will be considered only if a multidisciplinary team of natural and social scientists are involved and there is a clear identification of roles and tasks. Please upload concept notes on SANDEE's website at

For any additional queries, please contact us at application@sandeeonline.org.

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