Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training courses on forest governance and landscape approaches

Dear colleagues,

We are most happy to announce two of our upcoming forest-related training courses. The first is on “Governance for forests, nature and people”, and has a focus on multi-stakeholder governance design in forested landscapes. Besides providing insight in today’s challenges of globalisation, increased resource extraction, and climate change, ample attention will be paid to new opportunities in the field of forest-oriented policy design, collaborative learning and action and landscape level. Latest news on REDD and REDD+ will form an important part of the agenda. This course is a co-production of CIFOR and Wageningen University, and will take place in Bogor, Indonesia, from October 24th until November 4th.

The second course is on “Landscape functions and people”. In this course, the complexity of inter-related ecological, economic and social processes at landscape level processes will be analysed from a system perspective. Deeper understanding of these processes will help planners to facilitate planning processes at landscape level, from a multi-stakeholder perspective. Ample attention will be paid to the principles and guidelines of an Adaptive Landscape Approach, as how they have been discussed during the previous online learning event.
This course is a co-production of RECOFTC and Wageningen University, and will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 21st until December 2nd.

Target groups for both courses are staff members of government departments, non-government and civil society organisations, business associations, development agencies, universities and colleges for higher education, and for other professionals working in the domain of forests, landscapes, natural resources management, and other related fields.

For more information about both courses and online application we refer to our website:

For both courses Netherlands government (NFP) fellowships are available. Please note that the application procedure has been changed. NFP candidates must apply online (or in hard copy, if you face problems with online application) to Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation for admission to the training. Acceptable candidates will receive a letter informing them if they have been admitted. In order to receive an NFP fellowship you have to apply through the Scholarship online (Sol).

Applications should be submitted to Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation before 1 May 2011 (which is barely five weeks from now...).

If you have any further questions, please ask them to Suzanne

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That's good news. Training courses are really helpful whatever job you are trying to accomplish. Thanks for posting this update, our company really needs this. I will send an email to my boss regarding this training.
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