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Green Jobs and Green Careers Participatory workshop Training Programme in the UK - in Oxford and Glastonbury

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Work and the lost generation of young people: Green Economics Institute special activities for Young People

The Green Economics Institute is offering 2 important programmes for young people. Both are designed to provide participants with outstanding job and career opportunities and advantages in the work place!

1.  Youth in Action 1 week  Green Jobs and Green Careers Participatory workshop Training  Programme  in the UK - in Oxford and Glastonbury. April 10th - 17th 2011

Together with the British Council and the European Commission, we are creating a visionary group of young people to the UK in April 2011 to receive training on Green Jobs, and Sustainable Careers. We are offering this to 36 young people in total, who apply here now, and they will be made up of 6 young people from each country, 3 men and 3 women, between the ages 18-25 from England, Malta, Ireland, Italy, FYRO Macedonia, Albania and possibly Egypt, who will come together to share dreams of the future, foster cross-cultural networks, and learn from top experts in the field of the future of green jobs, green issues, sustainability and equality. This programme emphasises inclusion of all people everywhere, and is gender balanced and designed to include and to mix people at all levels of education and power in society, including minorities and the disadvantaged. We are looking for young people with Vision and a very positive attitude to make change in the world. We also want practical people. Green Economics is the economics of doing and the economics of sharing! Apply now for this unique programme

2. Two programs for young people:
-Internship-work experience - unpaid work experience with The Green Economics Institute Trust; Students in this program will be asked to help on administrative and organizational work and activities, help organizing and running the conferences, training courses, and other events;
-Internship-studentship course with The Green Economics Institute Trust. Students will gain experience of academia, policy making, NGOs and business, speech writing, book creation, publishing, travel where possible, working with other cultures in about 48 countries, helping others, working for and with African voices, Asian voices, all parts of Europe. Students will have access to Bodlein library, invitations to prestigious events in international settings, will become automatically members of The Green Economics Institute (for 1 years) and will have admission to the 6th Annual Green Economics Conference at Oxford. Please, inquire about further details and information.

Provides participants with an intensive structured 3 month programme on The making of Green Economics and the Green Economy! We are at the forefront of the Green Economy and spreading it round the world. Participants share and contribute to this wave of change sweeping the world. Never was it more evident that we need a Green Economy to protect our future than this week - showing the ultimate power of nature to affect an economy and the urgent need to rethink energy and economic priorities to ensure future prosperity and safety!

Apply now for one of these exciting programmes for any 3 months in 2011 in the UK to Kristina Jociute our Manager

We look forward to meeting you on one of these programmes.

Please, inquire about further details by:

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