Saturday, March 5, 2011

Applications for 2011 Media Fellowships are open.

Applications for 2011 Media Fellowships are open. Please submit the online application.

PERC's Media Fellowships are open to journalists (reporters, editors, broadcasters, producers, and others) interested in learning more about markets and environmental issues. Media Fellows spend a minimum of a week in Bozeman, Montana, where they visit with PERC researchers and explore topics of interest.

The goal of the fellowship is to help journalists examine how property rights and markets can improve the environment. It is no secret that many environmental organizations and government agencies are now recognizing the potential for market solutions. A visit to PERC brings journalists to the organization that has been the leading pioneer in discovering and analyzing these new approaches.

All media fellows are expected to give one seminar at PERC while in residence in Bozeman, subjects have varied widely, and write one oped for which a deadline will be set at the time of the fellowship.

PERC will provide an honorarium of $4500 for a week's stay from which travel, room and board must be taken. A sum of $500 will be withheld until the oped is delivered, and then the final check will be issued. Timing for the fellowship is flexible but typically will coincide with a PERC program or activity.

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