Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Announcements and Event updates from the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)

  1. Announcements
·         Deadline Extended: Call for Poster Presentation Abstracts in Global Change Research. The APN has extended the deadline for abstract submission until this Friday, 4 March 2011. Please check this link for details: http://www.apn-gcr.org/newAPN/opportunities/CallForPosterAbstracts.htm.

·         The APN Generic Flyer for the 3rd Strategic Phase is now available in Bahasa Malaysia and Thai versions: http://www.apn-gcr.org/newAPN/resources/promotionalMaterials.htm.

·         Employment Opportunities. GEO is inviting applications for the position of Secretariat Director for the period 2012-2014 (deadline for application is 10 March 2011) and Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) Coordinator (deadline for application is 8 March 2011). For more information regarding the positions please visit the announcement at http://www.earthobservations.org/ag_geosec_eo.shtml.

·         Postdoctoral Position in Urban Land Change Modeling at Yale University. The Urbanization and Global Change Group at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellow for research related to urban land change modeling, forecasting, and spatial analysis. For more details please view the announcement at http://urban.yale.edu/PostDoc.html.

  1. Upcoming Events
·         International Symposium - Challenge for the Future Environment, Economy and Energy, Kobe, Japan, 10 March 2011. The University of Hyogo will hold the symposium to offer a good opportunity to think over environmental problems from various points of view, including the economy, engineering and regional development. For more information please download the official announcement and application form in this page: http://www.apn-gcr.org/newAPN/news/globalChangeAnnouncements.htm.

·         AWCI Training Course for Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation Study, Tokyo, Japan, 11-12 March 2011 (APN-supported activity under project ARCP2010-10NMY-Koike). The Training Course is designated for the leaders of the AWCI Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation (CCAA) Study to get familiar with necessary methods for correcting bias of Global Climate Model (GCM) projection outputs, downscaling the GCM output, and use of hydrological models for assessment of possible climate change impact on water resources on a basin scale. The two-day intensive course is provided by collaborative efforts of the University of Tokyo, Japan, Sejong University, Korea, and ICHARM, Japan. For more details please visit: http://monsoon.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/AWCI/meetings/Tokyo_Mar2011/index.htm.

·         Global Terrestrial Network – Hydrology Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, 12-13 March 2011 (APN-supported activity under project ARCP2010-10NMY-Koike). It will include a joint GTN-H and AWCI session on 13 March. All AWCI ICG members and CCAA leaders are invited to attend this event. For more information, please visit: http://gtn-h.unh.edu/index.shtml.

·         The 7th Integrated Global Water Cycle Observation (IGWCO) Community of Practice (COP) Meeting (APN-supported activity under project ARCP2010-10NMY-Koike) will review the activities of the GEO Water Societal Benefit Area; will review proposals for the 2012-2015 GEO Work Plan, and will initiate new water cycle activities based in large measure on recommendations coming from workshops held during the past year (http://www.watercycleforum.com/workshops.html). In addition, it is also intended to devote some discussion time to the links between IGWCO and GTN-H and other related international programmes including CEOS, UNESCO, GEWEX/WCRP and GWSP. Linkages and collaboration between the global network and the Asia Pacific region will also be discussed. The meeting will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on 14-15 March 2011. All AWCI ICG members and CCAA leaders are invited to attend this event.

·         APN will participate at the 4th Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON) Workshop to be held on 14-15 March 2011 in Tokyo Station Conference, Tokyo, Japan.  Mr. Tetsuro Fujitsuka, APN Secretariat Director and Dr. Linda Anne Stevenson, Executive Science Officer, who will represent APN in the Workshop, will provide input in the forest ecosystem and marine working groups. Download the provisional agenda for more information.

·         The Asian Forum on Carbon Update 2011, Bandung, Indonesia, 14-18 March 2011. The Indonesian National Council on Climate Change (DNPI) and Center for Sustainability Science (CENSUS) Hokkaido University are inviting active practitioners and academics in the field of sustainable development from various parts of the Asian countries to share their views and experiences during the events. For more details you may download the tentative agenda and the sample abstract.

·         The 5th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium: Towards the Establishment of Data Sharing and Data Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region will be held on 16-18 March 2011 in Tokyo Station Conference, Tokyo, Japan. APN will be represented by the Secretariat Director, Mr. Fujitsuka; Executive Science Officer, Dr. Stevenson; and Programme Fellow, Ms. Lizhier Coralde. For more details please visit the official website: http://www.geoss-ap-symposium.org/

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