Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SANDEE Call for Research Pre-Proposals: Autumn 2011 Research Competition - Economics of Conservation

Deadline: 7 April 2011

The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) is a regional network that brings together and strengthens South Asian researchers and institutions interested in the inter-connections between development and the environment. In this call for research proposals, SANDEE will focus on the economics of conservation. About 13% of the world's surface area is "protected" for conservation of natural habitat. Anthropogenic pressures are constantly in contest with conservation and there is an urgent need to understand the trade-offs involved in policy options.

We invite inter-disciplinary teams of economists and ecologists/field biologists/geographers, etc., to propose research on issues relating to conservation and protected areas. The research could be geographically focused on any one site or be a multi-site study in one or more countries in South Asia. Multi-country proposals should preferably come from a coalition of research partners, but SANDEE may also help shortlisted researchers find partners in other countries. The deadline for submission of pre-proposals is April 7th, 2011. If accepted, this will lead to an invitation to submit a full research proposal. The proposed research should focus on issues and questions (but not limited to) the following:

a) Conservation strategies: What has been the impact of protected area management strategies on biodiversity and eco-systems? What instruments have worked well? Where and how have "buffers" and "corridors" been successful? 

b) Distributional impacts: Who are the beneficiaries of protected areas and who bears the costs? Have protected area policies oriented toward local communities worked well? What are some examples of well managed re-location or conflict reduction strategies? Which policies and economic instruments have been welfare-enhancing for local peoples?

c) Cross country protection: How do we better manage multi-country protected areas? What policies or coordination strategies are required? What are some successful implementation and financing strategies?

d) Financing and governance of protected areas: Are protected areas adequately funded? Can these resources be more efficiently utilized in conservation? What role can the private sector play? Has eco-tourism contributed to better financing of protected areas? How can state institutions be better organized to respond to conservation challenges?

Pre-Proposals should ideally have a strong inter-disciplinary focus. Pre-proposals will be evaluated on their academic merit and policy significance. The average grant size is expected to be about 25,000 USD. Institutional affiliation is required for receiving support. Pre-proposals must be uploaded on SANDEE's website at:

Detailed Guidelines are provided on SANDEE's website. Please contact us at if you have additional queries. Please note that you need to register as a member to submit the pre-proposals. Members who registered on our previous website may have to re-register.

Please visit for full detail.

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