Monday, February 28, 2011

UNHABITAT Urban Youth Fund 2011

This Fund supports urban youth in developing countries. It aims to advance the achievements of the Millennium Development goals and the Habitat Agenda by providing grants up to USD 25,000 to youth-led projects piloting innovative approaches to employment, good urban governance, shelter and secure tenure. The Urban Youth Fund aims to assist youth-led organizations to develop and implement projects that will contribute to sustainable urbanization in the developing world. The fund further aims to document best practices from successful youth-led projects, and create greater awareness of the need for youth mainstreaming in development policies and strategies.

The Urban Youth Fund has an annual budget of USD 1 million allocated for grants to youth-led projects in the developing world. Grassroots initiatives and projects are eligible for grants up USD 25,000.

* youth-led organizations (aged 15-32 years old)
* legally registered with relevant national, regional or local authority
* it is a non-profit, non-governmental organization
* from developing countries: registered in Africa, Latin-America and Caribbean, Asia, Oceania
* your organization does involved girls and young women in decision-making at all levels of the organization
* you have a valid bank account in the name of the organization
* your organization cannot be affiliated with political parties, or be a religious evangelization organization

* Your project must contribute to sustainable urban development within one of the following areas:
·         Promoting youth participation in urban governance;
·         Piloting innovative approaches to adequate shelter and secure tenure for youth;
·         Promoting entrepreneurship and employment for youth;
·         Supporting the development of youth networks on sustainable urban development
* Projects must be implemented within a city or town with more than 10,000 inhabitants
* Projects must target disadvantaged youth with fewer opportunities, especially those living in urban slums.
* Projects must include girls and young women among targeted beneficiaries.
* The project should not start before January 2012, and last for 7-12 month.


[1] Register online here:
[2] fill out the online application form (in English, French or Spanish)
[3] cover letter (signed and stamped by your organization)

April 15, 2011 (12.00 p.m. GMT)

For further details, please check the following website:

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