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International PhD-Programme on Earth System Science in Germany

International PhD-Programme on Earth System Science in Germany

The Earth System Sciences Research School (ESSRES), funded by the German Helmholtz Association, offers 9 PhD-positions for internal scholarship as well as 15 additional unfunded positions in the second phase of ESSReS for outstanding young scientists in the topical field of earth system science, starting October 2011.

The Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research Bremerhaven, the Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen, and the Jacobs University Bremen, provide a unique research environment in Germany, bridging the gap between traditional disciplines. The ESSRES combines observations, modeling, and data analysis in order to understand and decipher the complex earth’s climate system and their interaction with the biosphere. Areas of study include:
• Biogeoscience (e.g., carbon cycle, ecosystem analysis)
• Climate dynamics (e.g., earth system modelling)
• Geoinformatics (e.g., data management, GIS application)
• Geology (e.g., sediment cores)
• Geophysics (e.g., structure of marine sediments, palaeo bathymetry)
• Glaciology (e.g., ice core analysis)
• Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (e.g., trace gases, aerosols, clouds)

Accompanying courses in earth system science contain a great deal of necessary technical and specialised areas: specialists from the institutes as well as national and international collaboration partners will give lectures about fundamental concepts of the related research
fields, and provide knowledge through expert courses on special themes. Students of the ESSRES will be given the opportunity to attend conferences and summer schools, excursions, as well as visits at international partner institutes. Furthermore, the PhD-programme includes compulsory courses on presentation techniques, communication and scientific management.

The Helmholtz Research School on Earth System Science (ESSRES) invites suitable candidates to apply for a PhD position in our International PhD Programme which is going to start on 1 October 2011.

Applicants with a Master’s degree or a Diploma (or equivalent) in Biology, Biogeochemistry, Physics, Geosciences, Geology, Informatics, Mathematics, or related fields will be considered. Applicants are currently enrolled in a degree leading to a Master’s or equivalent must have been awarded their degree prior to the start of courses in October 2011.

The online application will accept submissions for with deadline 28 February 2011. Successful candidates will be notified in spring 2011. The PhD stipend is limited for up to 3 years. Students have the opportunity to obtain their PhD degree at the University of Bremen or Jacobs University.

More information on ESSRES and the application procedure can be found at:

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