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Sustainable Resource Use: Issues and Policies with Special Reference to Asia, Japan

Sustainable Resource Use: Issues and Policies with Special Reference to Asia

Development of a resource circulation system at the national and regional levels is one of the most important policy issues for Asia. To this end, Asian governments have begun to formulate waste/recycle policies in the context of resource circulation with cooperation from the Government of Japan and several international organisations.

Nevertheless, there is a gap between policies and reality in these issues. To close the gap, it is imperative to conduct quantitative assessment of the relevant policies from an economic viewpoint, looking at resource demand between developed and developing countries as well as international trade.

In this symposium, research outcomes will be presented on the categorisation of resource circulation and resource use reduction policies, and quantitative evaluation of their effects on resource, environment and economy. Based on these presentations, there will be further discussions on the current status of resource circulation and necessary activities to circulate resources and reduce resource use in Asia.
Date and Time
13 January 2012 (Friday) 13:30-17:00
Tokyo International Forum, Hall B5>> Access
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Ministry of the Environment, Japan
English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation
Limited to 200 seats
Free of charge
Public participants are requested to register prior to the event.
Please send an E-mail stating your full name, position held, organisation, and contact information (email or telephone) to :
IGES Economy and Environment Group:
Closing date for registration
10 January 2012
* Registration will be closed upon fulfilment of this capacity.
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