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Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellowship 2012

Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellowship 2012

The ODI Fellowship Scheme 2012 has a strong reputation among prospective applicants and their universities, giving Fellows the rare opportunity to develop their skills within a developing country’s government. Places on the Scheme are highly competitive with all applicants offering postgraduate qualifications and often relevant work experience.
The Fellowship Scheme is well known to a wide range of employers who place considerable weight on the experience provided by a Fellowship. After completing their assignments, a large percentage of Fellows continue to follow a career in development.

The application process for the 2012-2014 Fellowship Scheme is now open. Applicants should submit a digital photograph, an application form and equal opportunities form. These need to be submitted to no later than 15 December 2011. Please read the application guidelines before applying. Do not send transcripts, CVs, references or any other documentation.

Application information – entrance requirements for candidates
  • Degree in economics or a related field
  • Postgraduate degree qualification*
  • Ability to commit to a two-year assignment

* For those studying for a postgraduate degree at the time of application, the award of a Fellowship will be conditional upon the successful completion of their degree.
Some specialisations at postgraduate level which are relevant include:
  • Agricultural economics
  • International economics
  • Development economics
  • Development Management
  • Development studies
  • Econometrics & Statistics
  • Environmental economics
  • Health economics
  • Public policy

This list is not definitive and each application is taken on its own merit with the overall aim of matching candidates to the requirements of a Fellowship post.
  • Demonstrable interest in development
  • Relevant work or voluntary experience
  • Language competence for some posts (especially French, Portuguese or Swahili)
  • Strong IT skills

Qualities we are looking for
Fellowships vary from post to post and country to country, but all require a combination of the following qualities:

Intellectual qualities
  • A sound grasp of economic theory and its application, especially in a development context
  • Problem-solving and analysis of information
  • Communication of complex ideas

Personal qualities and interpersonal skills
  • Adaptive and flexible approach
  • Ability to work effectively with others
  • Confident and robust personality
  • Willingness to learn and accept advice
  • Ability to mix easily with diverse groups of people

Management and work-related skills
  • Ability to prioritise and delegate work
  • Consultative and advocacy skills
  • Time management and ability to work without supervision
  • Project management
  • Report writing

Fellows are expected to take up their posts between August and October. Start dates are negotiated according to individual availability and the requirements of the employing government.
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