Monday, January 17, 2011

Climate change, Opportunities and Challenges: 2nd International Asian Dendrochronological Conference

The 2nd International Asian Dendrochronological Conference: Climate change, Opportunities and Challenges
August 20-23, 2011, Xi'an, China

Nowadays climatic changes have been considered as one of the most important environmental and economic problems to human progress. Scientists all over the world are hoping to find out the mechanism of the climatic changes and come up with proper strategy to the descending living environment. More and more scientists focus on tree rings for its significant role in environmental studies, which can be widely used as high-resolution climate proxy. Tree rings have large-scale geographical distribution and sensitivity to climate variation, they are possible to provide large-scale paleoclimate information on annual to millennial time scales which can give perspective view to history climatic changes.

Throughout its 50 years’ history in Europe and 100 years’ in America, dendrochronology has achieved many valuable outcomes. In the latest 20 years, Asian dendrochronologists have also made great progresses. The main goal of the conference is to assemble researchers and to strengthen communications and cooperations among tree-ring researchers all over Asia. We expect about 200 participants from all over Asia. The 2ndInternational Asian Dendrochronological Conference, lasting 4 days, will enhance new collaborations and stimulate intellectual exchanges amongst the researchers throughout Asia.

May 30, 2011:
Deadline for abstracts submission (please send back the registration form and abstract to:

May 1-June 20, 2011:
Hotel booking opens and payment for registration fee (early-bird)

June 20-August 15, 2011:
Post-conference excursions confirmed and fees charged

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