Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Partial Fellowships for Developing Countries at the ILO International Training Center

Available fellowships (ILO) – Gender and Non Discrimination Programme of the ILO International Training Centre

Course dates
From 31 January to 2 December 100 partial fellowships are available for our 2011 self-assisted on-line courses (guided reading modality).The two learning tracks offered in English will be A/ Gender Mainstreaming in the world of work (GMS) and B/ Gender, Poverty and Employment.

Partial fellowships amount to 200 Euros, and are intended for nationals of development countries that comply with the course pre-requirements and that are in a position to cover the remaining cost, which is 200 Euros.

The deadline for applying to these fellowships is 21 January. Selected candidates will be notified a few days after, and will be able to start the course on 31 January.

Participants who wish to apply without a fellowship can of course apply anytime. Courses will stay open until 2 December 2011.

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