Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tackling climate challenges in Nepal – understanding the present status

Dear Colleagues,

Over next few weeks, I will be trying to analyse the climate movement in Nepal (and in the context of mountain agenda) as an outsider. When the present activities are largely guided with 'you earn', 'let me earn' and 'I don't criticize you', 'you don't criticize me' approach, I will try to bring in picture few issues that are known to us but we don't have much guts to speak aloud, and draw some recommendations that can help us to move forward with meaningful interventions in climate sector in Nepal.

As the climate science in particular (in Nepal) is still struggling in between 'a poor Orphanage' and 'well functioning Patronage', I hope you find these analyses interesting.

Please find below link to a tone setting article - 'Tackling climate challenges in Nepal – understanding the present status'. Hope you enjoy it.


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