Wednesday, June 11, 2014

8th Eco Peace Leadership Programme Selection Notice, South Korea

All required application materials must be submitted to our office by the application deadline. The application deadline is July 31, 2014. 

✽ What is Eco-Peace Leadership Programme 

1. Leadership program is provided for those leaders who wish to get solution for the facing environmental problems in their region by supporting their hands-on activities or project through the on/off line learning process.

2. Providing the opportunity to learn state-of-art technology and information through the programme and sharing the experience of other CSOs.

3. Contributing the improvement of environmental conditions in Asia-Pacific region with the authentic support from Eco-Peace Leadership Center.

4. EPLC will share its precious experience with other leaders in Asia-Pacific region to solve the various environmental disasters and problems.

✽ How to work
1. The programme will be carried out through cooperation between a fellow and its supporters consisting of Korean academic experts and practitioners

2. Most of the programme will be done through the on-line communication

3. The off-line cooperation consists of one orientation and a week-long conference required, and field visit by supporters which is optional.

4. Duration is one year in principle and can be multi year. But the multi year project will be decided at the reviewing the project result of the first year.

✽ Forum Schedule can be changed under the circumstances.

✽ What fields to be focused

1. Climate Change 
2. Disasters and Conflicts
3. Ecosystem Management
4. Environmental Governance
5. Harmful Substances & Hazardous Waste
6. Resource Efficiency-Sustainable Consumption & Production

✽ Financial Support

EPLC will offer leadership program participants total 2000 USD as a financial support for project

✽ Eligibility

Environmental activists or prctitioners environment-related fields in the asa-pacific egion are eligible to apply. All applicants also required to meet all conditions as follows:

1. Applicants should have over five years of activity experience in environment/ conservation 
2. Applicants should possess a minimum of a four year college degree.
3.The applicants should be proficient in spoken and written English.
4. Project should be consist of the hands-on.

✽ Application Documents

1. Application Form 
Please find the attached file: Application Form

2. Project Plan
The plan form should clearly explain introduction, contents, activity methods, expected effects, beneficiary, detailed activity plan, project schedule, budget plan. This shoud not exceed 10 pages

3. Project Manager's Information Form
Please find the attached file: Application Form

4. Registration 
Scanned copy is preferred

5. Pamphlet of Organization

6. Project Manager's Diploma

✽ Application method

Applicant documents should be submitted by on-line and off-line.

The deadline is July 31, 2014. 

1. Apply Online 
All applicants must submit their application forms through email at first to 

2. Apply Offline
※ Posting Address : Eco-Peace Leadership Center, College of Forest Sciences 1st building #109, Kangwon National University, Hyojadong Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo, Republic of Korea, 200-070

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File : 1. Application Forms_8th EPLC Leadership Program.doc
Details at

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