Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summer School on Urban Transitions to Sustainability


International Summer School


Rheims University, France, 22-26 June 2014

Organized Jointly by


International Research Center on Sustainability



Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

60% interactive courses / 40% tutorials / cultural program

This course is specifically designed for doctoral students, post-docs and
young scholars who wish to further explore urban sustainability, discuss
cutting-edge research with peers and established scholars alike and develop
specific skills such as presenting their own research, developing abstracts
and discussing the research of other scholars in the make.


Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin (CNRS, France) - Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy
School, USA) - Harini Nagendra (ATREE and Azim Premji University, Bangalore,
India) - Rajendra Pachauri (TERI, India) - Antoine Picon (Harvard School of
Design, USA) - Ignacy Sachs (EHESS, France) - Nikos Salingaros (University
of Texas, San Antonio, USA) - Massimo Sargolini (University of Camerino,
Italy) - Bernardo Secchi (IUAV, Italy) - François Mancebo (University of
Reims, France)


Jesús Rosales Carreón (Utrecht University, Netherlands) - Guillaume Faburel
(University of Lyon 2, France – to be confirmed) - Matthijs Hisschemöller
(IVM‐VU Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Eva Niesten (Utrecht University,
Netherlands) - Eddie Soulier (Technological University of Troyes, France –
to be confirmed) - Graciela Schneier Madares (CNRS, France) - Grimonie
Bernardeau (Reims Metropole, France) - Jon Marco Church (University of
Reims, France)


Impact of smart grids - Urban metabolism - National and regional energy -
GHG emission mitigation goals - Innovation systems - Sustainable urban water
management - Citizen participation - Role of citizens and citizen groups -
Grassroots movements - Conditions for sustainability transitions - Urban
sprawl - Shrinking landscapes - Science, technology and cities


Urban Studies - Regional Planning - Geography - Sociology - Political
Science - Economy - Environmental Sciences - Sustainability Science - any
discipline related to cities and sustainability




If you are interested in attending, please pre-register to this summer
school following the link below. Actual inscriptions will be opened
approximately three months before the event. Pre-registrations help us plan
the event and ensure that all those who are interested in attending are
informed as soon as inscriptions are opened.

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