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Call for Applications - ICAP Training Course on Emissions Trading in Istanbul, Turkey, 18-27 September

The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) will convene another Training Course on Emissions Trading for Emerging Economies and Developing Countries in Istanbul, Turkey, from 18 to 27 September 2013.

The ICAP Training Course is open to applicants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, India, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine. For EU Candidate Countries and Potential Candidates, participation in the course provides an opportunity to learn more about the EU ETS legislation and its implementation as part of the EU acquis.

It is addressed to policy makers and other stakeholders from the nongovernmental, academic and private sectors, who are involved in the development of emissions trading systems (ETS) and/or GHG mitigation policy in their jurisdictions.

The course will focus on key issues faced in the design and implementation of ETS, taking into account the specific needs and interests of developing countries. Preliminary information on the course content is available below.

Application deadline is 3 June 2013.

The course will be conducted in English. Applications are to be submitted in English.

Application documents and instructions are available on the ICAP website at 




* Course Content *

The ICAP Training Course will provide a curriculum dedicated to emissions trading as a policy instrument for climate policy, and provide illustration by way of case studies.

It will address a range of issues faced in the design of emissions trading systems (ETS), taking into account the specific needs and interests of developing countries. Covered issues include:
•       Data collection and inventory generation,
•       Allocation methods,
•       Offset mechanisms,
•       Scope and coverage of a trading scheme,
•       Adequate monitoring, reporting and verification, and
•       Registry design and implementation.

Additionally, the course will explore important steps in the implementation of an emissions trading system, again with consideration given to specific needs and interests of developing countries. Such issues include:
•       Stakeholder engagement,
•       Competitiveness concerns,
•       Impacts on and responses from covered entities,
•       Market analysis and drivers,
•       Opportunities offered by creating a global carbon market of linked domestic and regional systems, and
•       Evaluating the performance of emissions trading.

Team-building activities are an important component of the ICAP Training Course and will be fostered through break-out sessions and frequent working groups. A detailed program will be made available to those applicants who have been selected for participation.

* Contact *


The ICAP Training Course is implemented on behalf of ICAP by the Ecologic Institute and Development Solutions.

This Training Course is funded by the European Union.

* International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) *

Launched in October 2007, the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) is a partnership of public authorities and governments that have established or are actively pursuing carbon markets through mandatory cap and trade systems with an absolute cap. It provides a forum to share experiences and knowledge. Through this sharing, ICAP aims to enhance the design of other schemes by ensuring that design compatibility issues are recognized at an early stage. As a result, ICAP helps make possible future linking of trading programs. To date, ICAP includes 29 members and 4 observers from Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information on the status of cap-and-trade worldwide, visit the ICAP Interactive ETS Map on the ICAP website:

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