Monday, May 27, 2013

Call For Application – ASD Policy Research Fellowship 2013

Call For Application – ASD Policy Research Fellowship 2013


Alliance for Social Dialogue (ASD) announces the Policy Research Fellowship 2013 to prospective policy advocates. The fellowship programme is soliciting applications from young graduates interested to develop their knowledge and policy analysis skills. The fellowship is divided into three broad categories described below. Interested applicants can apply in one of the following categories. 


Category 1: Policy Process

This category focuses on the issues related to politics of policy formation such as: policy contestation and discussion, policymaking process and the structural and institutional context for the conceptualization of public policies.  
Applicants can look into: the kind of policies that are likely to be favored or overlooked in the current political condition; who occupies the policy spaces; how policy makers respond to public opinion; how propaganda/rhetoric impact real policy concerns and how politics of demands and consensus influence the policy arena. 


Category 2: Policy Gap

This category focuses on the specific public policies of the Government of Nepal. Applicants are encouraged to identify a specific policy on Human Rights, Education, Media, Women or Youth and look into its existing gap (absence of policy or gaps in policy), analyze different policy options and provide policy recommendations. 


Category 3:Policies and Practices

This category focuses on the issues related to policy implementation and questions of accountability in its practices. The possible areas of exploration in this category include:  existing gaps in the implementation process, conflicting interests and influences of national and local actors and the challenges of fair resource distribution.  

Applicants may propose to look into the existing challenges on the implementation of the national policies such as different National Action Plans or any other policies with specific reference to the five thematic areas: Human Rights, Education, Media, Women and Youth.


 In order to collect information for this category researchers are expected to conduct fieldwork around 45 days outside of the Kathmandu Valley.


 Eligible candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

• Must have MA or PhD studies in education, legal studies, political science, public policy and administration, media, social work, sociology/anthropology and any other discipline of social sciences

• Must be a citizen of Nepal and residing in the country

• Must be fluent in written Nepali or English


Interested applicants are requested to follow the guidelines provided in the ASD website ( and submit the required documents to latest by 15 June 2013. Each fellowship will last up to 4 months.

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