Thursday, October 18, 2012

CliMates, the international student think-and-do tank, organizes its first international Summit in Paris - October 29th - November 2nd 2012!

After a year of research and international network building, CliMates is organizing its first International Summit, bringing together its active members in Paris to find solutions to climate change of the next generation. 

The CliMates Summit will be the 

  • To discuss key issues of international climate change 
  • For youth and students to present innovative solutions to climate 
  • To promote new forms of international negotiations

The CliMates International Summit will have three main goals:

  • Review and analyze one year of collaborative and multidisciplinary research led by CliMates students
  • Stimulate the debate on climate change and promote a student expertise
  • Produce a CliMates Call for Action: a list of student solutions and projects to advocate and implement

The CliMates Call for Action will consist in a series of commitment and recommendations that CliMates will present and advocate to decision makers at all levels, including to negotiators of the UNFCCC COP 18, in Doha in November 2012. 

The CliMates Call for Action shall also consist in a blueprint for CliMates and its partners’ activity for the following year. For this reasons, CliMates invites its partners (especially student and youth organizations) to participate in and sign the CliMates Call for Action.
Throughout the Summit, negotiations will be held in order to adopt different solutions and a Common Student Position. Using an original method of discussion, the intent will be to find new ways to unlock current debates on addressing climate change, and to particularly find ways for youth and students to contribute.

Each student will formulate and express ideas to be incorporated in the CliMates Call for Action, which will be adopted in the Summit's Closing Ceremony.

Students will negotiate in small working groups, dedicated to specific topics within the general framework of climate negotiations. High level experts, from prestigious research institutions, public and private organizations, will participate in these working groups in order to guide students in the discussions and enhance the level of expertise. 

Those students are going to make a lot of noise, would help them spread the word about their initiative?

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