Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radboud University Summer Schools relevant to climate change

This coming summer, Radboud University in the Netherlands, is organising a number of one- or two-week Radboud Summer Schools between August 3rd and August 23rd.


We very much invite interested PhD and MSc students, your professionals and postdocs to participate in the two summer schools that are especially relevant for those interested in climate change:

·         Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainability (August 17-23): During this exclusive, multidisciplinary summer school, you will explore the opportunity and complexity of engaging business in global challenges such as those related to climate, food, energy and water. You will discuss with business leaders whether the global companies are leading the world towards more sustainability, and with politicians and other decision makers how this can be changed for the better. At the same time, you will be provided with a sound academic background on the global sustainability challenges by leading academics in the field.

·         Water, Health and Sustainable Development (August 4-15): Water, health and development are closely connected in our transition to a sustainable future. Clean and healthy water will become a crucial resource in the future and climate change will require new and creative solutions for water quantity management. Novel solutions are developing quickly, with new experiments, research and techniques being launched continuously. This course will showcase several novel approaches for managing the nexus between water and health and reveal new ways to support the transition to a more sustainable future.


The full programme of 30 one-week and two-week summer courses can be found on This is also where you can register.  

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