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Call for Applications (deadline to apply is January 20th, 2014) Annual Darwin Scholarship Programme - Monitoring and Communicating Biodiversity August 20– 30th, 2014

Call for Applications (deadline to apply is January 20th, 2014) Annual Darwin Scholarship Programme - Monitoring and Communicating Biodiversity August 20– 30th, 2014

The scholarship programme is aimed at… 
Young Scientists from around the world, probably working for a non-governmental organisation, government department or in a Biology or Ecology faculty at University. You should be under the age of 35 and studying at graduate or post graduate level or be a young lecturer or work for an environmental organisation. 

The aim of the Darwin Scholar Programme is to develop “better naturalists” in the spirit of Darwin’s love of nature and observing the natural world. The Scholarship will focus on three areas: skills of observation and identification, skills of recording biodiversity and skills of communicating biodiversity to different target groups. 

Funding the Scholarship... 
The full cost of the 10 day scholarship programme is 1450 GBP per person. This covers the costs of all accommodation, teaching, and local travel in the UK during the programme. It does not cover the cost of international travel or getting to Preston Montford Field Centre in Shrewsbury and from Juniper Hall Field Centre near London. 

The FSC will assist successful applicants in this process and provide suggestions of sources of funding and also letters of support for applications to grant organisations. 

There will be a reduction in the course fee available to a limited number of eligible scholars up to a maximum of £625. For scholars who have been awarded a reduction in fee the cost of the programme will be 825 GBPs. 

How do you apply? 
We are looking for up to 25 scholars from countries across the world to join this 7th Darwin Scholarship Programme. 

Before you apply please make sure that you are able to meet these criteria: 
 You are aged 35 or under; 
 You are studying for or have a degree in Ecology, Biology or related subject; 
 You are an undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral student, young lecturer or work for an environmental organisation; 
 You can speak and read English well. This is very important. There will be no interpretation or translation facilities; and 
 You have the support of your University or other organisation for the Scholarship programme.

There is no application form. To apply you will need to send us: 

1. Your CV 
Your CV can be in any format that is usual for your country – but must include your home and work 
addresses, email and telephone contacts, and skype address if you have one. You must also include the name of two referees we can write to. Please do not include reference letters with your application. Do try and keep less than 5 pages. 

2. A short letter in English 
Your letter should be of no more than two sides of A4, explaining why you want to take part in the 
scholarship programme. It should provide the following information – why you want to become a 
Darwin scholar, your personal assessment of your identification/observation capacity, your views on how well science is communicated to a wider audience and the role of scientists in education and what you will do with the new skills that you gain through the scholarship. You need to persuade us that you are the young, dynamic and enthusiastic scientist we are looking for from your country. 

3. A letter of support 
A letter from your University or organisation that states clearly that you have permission to take part in the scholarship programme. 

4. Request for a reduction in the course fee 
If you would like to apply for a reduction of up to 625 GBP please state why you consider that you are eligible in your short letter. 

Your application should reach the Field Studies Council not later than Monday 20th January 2014. It is not necessary to have guaranteed funding before making your application. 

Your application should be emailed to 
Contact person is Janet Jones

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