Monday, June 24, 2013

APN 2013 Calls for Research and Capacity Building Proposals

APN is inviting proposals under two separate programmes, the Annual Regional Call for Research Proposals (ARCP) Programme and the Scientific Capacity Building/Enhancement for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries (CAPaBLE) Programme, for funding from April 2014, and is able to provide a limited amount of financial support for research and capacity development activities that fall within its areas of interest.

The following research topics are of particular interest to the 2013 Annual Calls:

1. Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services (B&ES) including resiliency and main issues highlighted under the new APN B&ES Framework (;
2. Climate impacts on health, agriculture, livestock; 3. Water security (inland and ocean): in the face of extreme events; including management, quantity, quality, etc.; and 4. Energy/energy efficiency, carbon capture, case studies at community-based levels, biofuels, etc.

Other relevant topics of interest to the APN are listed in APN's Third Strategic Plan:

Please note the following important deadlines:

Advisory Service (Voluntary). Submission of Letter of Intent: Sunday 30 June 2013 Stage 1: Submission of Summary Proposal (Compulsory): Sunday 11 August 2013 Stage 2: Submission of Full Proposal by the Successful Stage 1 Proponents (Compulsory and by Invitation Only): Sunday 13 October 2013

For further information please visit the APN website:

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