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2012 Global Water Forum Emerging Scholars Award

We invite you to participate in the 2012 Global Water Forum Emerging Scholars Award. This award is an opportunity for early-career scholars and practitioners working in water-related fields to publish a brief article that presents their research, projects, or opinions to a global audience. Participants are required to:

- submit an 800-1000 word article relevant to one of three themes:

Water Security”, “Water Economics”, “Transboundary Water Governance

- be a PhD recipient or PhD candidate under 36 years of age.

Applications open Friday 6 July and close Monday 27 August at midnight (GMT).

The top 10 finalists will be offered the opportunity to publish on the Global Water Forum site and in the GWF Discussion Paper Series during September/October 2012.

First prize is US$500; second prize is US$300; and third prize is US$200.

The Emerging Scholars Award will be judged by leading water researchers from the Australian National University: Professor Quentin Grafton, Dr Jamie Pittock, and Dr Daniel Connell.
Please direct all submissions and enquiries to:

Further details can be found below. The competition flyer is available here.

Eligible submissions to the award will belong to one of the following three categories:

·         Research pieces – a summary or overview of water-related academic research undertaken by the author. This may be research that has already been published elsewhere or unpublished research.
·         Project pieces – an overview of a field-based water project or projects that the author is or has been involved in, describing the challenges, successes, lessons, etc.
·         Opinion pieces – insightful, evidence based comment on current or future water issues. This could involve issues that already prominent in public discourse, or issues that the author believes should be prominent.

All articles must be original pieces of work. Whilst submissions are encouraged that are based on or summarize previously published work, the text in submissions to the award must be original. Examples of previously published summary articles can be found here and here.

Submitted articles must be relevant to one of the three themes: “Water Security”, “Water Economics”, “Transboundary Water Governance”. Articles may be relevant to more than one theme but this would not affect judging outcomes.

All submissions must contain at least three references to other publications, such as peer-reviewed journal articles or grey literature (policy reports, published working papers, etc.).
A maximum of three figures is permitted. Figures must be accompanied by captions and sources.

Articles should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document using size 11 Arial font in the same format as the template available here (Word) or here (pdf).

The word limit does not include references or the author biography.

One article submission is allowed per person.

The GWF Editorial Team is unable to provide feedback on submissions or advise on the status of entries.

Applications open Friday 6 July and close Monday 27 August at midnight (GMT).

Judging criteria
Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

·         Originality of thought or approach to a subject/issue/problem.
·         Written expression.
·         Clarity and soundness of argument.

Put simply, we are looking for well-written, interesting articles that present innovative research, significant insights, or compelling arguments. Moreover, the articles must be accesible to readers who do not work in your field and, more importantly, the general public; highly technical articles lacking clear explanations are unlikely to advance far in the judging process.
The Emerging Scholars Award will be judged by leading academics from the Australian National University: Professor Quentin Grafton, Dr Jamie Pittock, and Dr Daniel Connell. The GWF Editorial Team will assist in the judging process.

The top 10 finalists will be offered the opportunity to publish on the Global Water Forum site and in the GWF Discussion Paper Series during September/October 2012.

The top 10 finalists will be notified by Monday 17 September at the latest and asked to provide evidence that they are either a PhD recipient or PhD scholar (e.g. link to institutional staff page) and their age was 35 years or younger on the closing date for entries (e.g. scan of passport or driver’s license).

Should a selected top 10 finalist decide not to publish their article or does not respond to their invitation by Monday 24 September, an alternative entrant outside the top 10 will be given the opportunity to take their place.

The top 10 finalists will be published on the GWF site in three weekly instalments beginning Monday 1 October. The top 3 prize winners will be announced in the final instalment on Monday 15 October.

All information regarding finalists will be announced on the site unless otherwise specified.

Financial Awards

Financial prize winners will be contacted after the official announcement on the site on Monday 15 October. Prize winners will be asked to provide details to a PayPal account in order to transfer their winnings.

First prize is US$500; second prize is US$300; and third prize is US$200.

Entrants who are or have been employed by the Global Water Forum or are current or former students of Professor Grafton and Drs Connell and Pittock are ineligible to receive a financial prize associated with the Emerging Scholars Award.

Terms and conditions
The Global Water Forum, UNESCO, and the Australian National University take no responsibility for the contents of Emerging Scholar Award entries that are published on the Global Water Forum. Whilst the Global Water Forum endeavours to ensure that all published articles are original content, the authors are responsible for the contents of articles and any copyright violations or legal consequences arising from the contents. The Global Water Forum reserves the right to change any of the above details on this page regarding the Emerging Scholars Award without prior notice. Please see the Global Water Forum’s general terms and conditions here.
Please direct submissions and enquiries to:

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to promote your research and activities.

Many thanks and best wishes,

The GWF Editorial Team

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