Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Landscape Functions and People' Bangkok Training Course Funding Assistance Application Deadline May 1

One of RECOFTC's most popular courses, Landscape Functions and People, will be held from 19-30 November, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. Interested applicants in need of financial assistance to participate must register by 1 May to qualify for funding. 

Nuffic NFP fellowships
A limited number of fellowships is available from Nuffic - the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) for nationals of certain countries. In order to apply for such a NFP fellowship, you have to register through the Nuffic Scholarship Online (SOL) system. Applications for NFP fellowships should be submitted before 1 May
2012. You will be informed by Nuffic whether your application has been accepted. More information on the NFP fellowships:

About Landscape Functions and People
The course offers participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with current practices for landscape approaches. It will provide opportunities to develop practical skills and experience in the use of principles and tools applicable for landscape-level planning, monitoring, and implementation.
The course will equip participants to:
  • Understand the context, principles, and relevance of landscape approaches for natural resources governance in today's world
  • Understand how landscape-level planning processes can be developed and how they can be facilitated
  • Become familiar with a variety of tools for landscape-level strategic planning and gain experience in applying and adapting these in real-life situations
  • Understand how landscape approaches can contribute to improved decision making, sustainable management, and monitoring of natural resources
A variety of training approaches will be used. As with all our courses, the style will be participatory and hands-on. Course facilitators will encourage "learning by doing." Participants are expected to bring their own material to the course, allowing them to share their experiences with others. A web-based learning platform supports participants in applying their individual action plans and learning in their work situations.

The training program is spread over two weeks and includes three days of field work in Thailand to gain practical experience and skills.

More information available at the RECOFTC website.


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