Tuesday, February 7, 2012

International Course on Governance for forest, nature and people, 22 October – 02 November 2012, Indonesia

Forest and landscape governance are increasingly complex issues. Governance is longer no monopolised by governments, but is an increasingly shared responsibility of civil society groups and private sector actors. Where the role of governments has gradually moved from control to facilitation of policy processes, civil society and private sector actors are currently experimenting with their newly assigned roles as co-developers and implementers of forest and landscape governance.
Moreover, forest and landscape governance are increasingly influenced by global trends related to economic growth, climate change, and the growing concern for global food security, leading to increased pressure on the world's natural resources. Due to these trends, classical forms of forest management are no longer sufficient to deal with competing land claims and resource related conflicts. Instead, there is a growing need for more integrated forms of landscape governance, trying to combine local interests with global demands for food, fuel and fibre, and biodiversity. How to foster inclusive and informed decision-making, within an arena of global interests and local needs?
In this course, you will not gain clear-cut answers or blue prints. But you will gain new understanding on how local and global processes are interlinked, and learn how to position yourself in your role as manager, policy maker or practitioner in the field of forest and landscape governance.

Interested candidates can apply to Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation for admission to the training. Click here to apply.

NFP Fellowships
A limited number of fellowships is available from Nuffic - the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) for nationals of certain countries. In order to apply for such a NFP fellowship, you have to register through the Nuffic Scholarship Online (SOL) system. Applications for NFP fellowships should be submitted before 1 May 2012. You will be informed by Nuffic whether your application has been accepted. More information on the NFP fellowships.

Please note that for a valid NPF fellowship application you need to register directly at CDI as well as at Nuffic (SOL). Your fellowship application will not be taken into account if you register with only one of these two institutions.

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