Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvard Summer School Climate Course is offered online.

To:         Climate Professionals and Citizen/Scientists from all over the world.
From:     Harvard Summer School
RE:         Online Distance Education course on Global Climate Change
    Want to catch up on what's happening to our world and how it is radically different from the history of the environment to which we have become accustomed?  Want to figure out what is going on and why you are not hearing about it -- especially in the United States? 

    There is a great way to find out.  Take a summer school course at Harvard!  Before this year's hurricane season hits in full force, see what is coming -- this year and for years to come.

    This summer The Harvard Summer School is offering an online course on Global Climate Change.  Based upon the highly acclaimed course offered at the Harvard Extension School during the Spring of 2011, the Summer School offers you an extended and expanded version of that course in a Distance Learning environment.  No residence is required in Cambridge, and anyone with a high-speed internet connection can take part. 

    The course serves as an introductory and overview course, covering a wide array of concerns.  It discusses the science, social impact and diplomacy of this emerging global environmental crisis with an impressive range of visiting experts in selected fields.  If you want a flavor of some of what is going to be covered you can view one of the recorded videos from the Spring Semester - Class 1 or Class 2 or the Course Overview.

    Enrolled students will have access to all of the the full fifteen (15) weekly two-hour lectures AND additional discussion sessions that are available in high-speed digital streaming format.  In addition, there will be weekly 3-hr meetings (Tuesdays from 3:15 to 6:15 pm) in Cambridge during the course of the Summer School term, (from Tuesday, 27 June - 9 August).  These sessions will be webcast live and recorded for subsequent streaming.  So, in effect, all students will be getting access to the rich data and discussion of two full courses -- the one recorded from the Spring Semester and the other from the Summer School sessions themselves.  In addition, they will be introduced to the permanent research platform of the Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA). 

    There is no better way to catch up and learn how to stay informed from now on concerning this vital topic of interest to everyone.  This Summer School course provides a rich "go to" resource for an up-to-the-minute briefing for business people, government officials, municipal authorities, public health officials, insurance company executives, Coast Guard or active duty armed forces personnel, high-school and college teachers, environmental professionals, science and economic affairs journalists and concerned citizens of all backgrounds and nationalities. 

   It is now apparent that the global climate is changing in a manner and at a pace that no one -- not even the most informed scientists -- could foresee twenty years ago.  This is your chance to get up to speed and learn how to stay informed in the future as this global phenomena grips all of our lives in the years and decades ahead.  If you know of others who might be interested sign up for the course with others and take the course together with your friends or professional associates who might also need to be planning for the changes we will all need to confront in the years to come.

    Click here to register.  It will be a great summer.  Hope we can meet up with you in the course.


    T.C. Weiskel  & Wm. Moomaw.
Harvard Extension School
Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

Cambridge Climate Research Associates


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